What We Offer

Financial & Payroll Services

  • Competitive payroll financing/funding to free up cash flow
  • Automated payroll processing that’s faster and easier (locally and globally)
    • federal, state, & local taxes
    • garnishment payment services
    • state & federal unemployment insurance
    • worker's compensation
    • certified payroll administration
    • owner controlled insurance policy administration
    • contractor controlled insurance policy administration
  • Experienced payroll professionals available
  • Simple business & self service software, with employee resource management, time tracking, ondemand reporting, and more — online or with our mobile app

Time & Attendance

  • Increase productivity by ensuring the right people are where you need them
  • Variety of solutions to meet your business needs to track time simply.
  • Time, pay, benefits and other information can be accessed from the web or a mobile app

Recruiting & Talent Management

  • Supplemental staffing
  • Direct hire recruiting
  • Technology & experienced support to hire and retain skilled professionals
  • Simplified hiring processes
  • Integrated screening services
  • Manage complete lifecyle of employees
  • Employee Policies, Standards, & Guidelines
  • Federal, state, and local compliance support

Compliance & Remediation

  • Federal, state, and local compliance & remediation support
  • Policy, Standards, & Guidelines
  • Liaise legal claims, audits, & remediation plans

Benefits & Plans

  • Employee Benefits Administration
    • Medical/Health
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Short Term disability
    • Long Term disability
  • Retirement Plans
  • No waiting periods for benefits


  • OSHA Compliance
  • Safety Awareness & Training
  • Injury Claims Management
  • Incident Reporting, Tracking, & Compliance (e.g., OSHA logs)
  • Managing corrective actions & generating actionable reports

Cyber Security & Privacy

  • Manage procedural, technical, and physical security & privacy controls striving to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and availability of information.
    • Develop & maintain policies & standards aligned with leading practices & regulatory standards
    • Implement top technical controls striving to prevent the unauthorized access to sensitive information
    • Monitor to identify, prevent, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities & threats striving to minimize risk of data loss
    • Develop and deploy Cyber Security & Privacy, Awareness, Communication, & Education (ACE) to aid employees in their role in keeping information safe