Cyber Security & Privacy Notice

CGS has a Cyber Security and Privacy Notice, this Notice sets out the types of information that CGS collects about you, the purposes for which it is collected, the basis on which we process it, and how CGS handles your personal data. It is intended to comply with our obligations to provide you with information about CGS’s processing of your personal data under applicable cyber security and privacy laws. 

Below are some highlights from the Notice:

The protection of Your Personal Data is important to us, and we strive to use commercially reasonable and feasible means to protect Your Personal Data.  However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure and we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

You play an important role in protection Your Personal Data.  At a minimum the following leading practices should be followed when accessing Your Personal Data:

  • Login and Passwords (Long, Unique, Complex, use Multifactor Authentication (MFA when possible)
    • Do not share your username or password.
    • Use long passwords, passwords should be a minimum of 15 characters long. 
    • Use unique passwords for each account, never reuse passwords.Use complex passwords should be a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. e.g.,  MyDog+MyotherDog=4legs (think of as a passphrase).
    • Use a password manager (for example managers like; Keeper, 1Password, NordPass, Last Pass)
    • Change password a minimum of annually, and immediately if your account has been compromised (hacked/breached). 

See how long it takes to hack your password at:  PasswordMonster

  • Install lates updates for devices, hardware, operating systems, software, web browsers and apps.
    • It is recommended that you configure your devices to automatically update or notify you when an update is available.  Only update your devices from known sources and official app stores.
  • Don’t Overshare, Click, or Download
    • Malicious links in email, tweets, texts, posts, social media messages and malicious online advertising (known as malvertising) are a direct way for hackers to scam you, harvest your sensitive information for identity theft, password guessing, grant unwanted access, spread malware or viruses, or create other cyber security havoc to your network.
    • Be cautious (on any device or application) and do not click on unknown links, pop-up windows, or download anything that comes from a stranger or that you were not expecting.  Especially implying urgency or demanding you act immediately.   
    • It is recommended that you visit the site directly or from your password manager, rather than navigating from a link where possible. 
    • Do not overshare, providing and posting too much personal or private information. In addition to cyber security risk, you introduce physical risks.  (e.g., providing the best time to burglarize your house) 
    • Avoid utilizing 3rd party apps that may collect, share, or even sell your personal and sensitive information.
    • Recover from being Hacked
      • Once hackers have your personal information it is important that you take action.   Call the companies where the fraud occurredVisit for more instruction and information.
      • If you believe your CGS account has been compromised and your personal information has been exposed, please report immediately to CGS at 

CGS uses your information for purposes of employment and may utilize third party processors or vendors who provide services and tools to create a seamless experience for you and your employment at CGS.  

  • CGS collects and uses personal details which you provide as part of the recruitment and onboarding processes, together with additional personal data collected throughout the course of your employment or engagement (for instance, in relation to payroll, timekeeping, workers comp, drug and alcohol screening, performance reviews, disciplinary processes, and participation in voluntary benefits schemes).
    • The personal data CGS collects is used primarily for the recruitment process, managing the workforce, and complying with contracts of employment. The data may be stored in systems based around the world and may be processed by third-party service providers acting on CGS’s behalf. 
    • We need your data in order to commence, perform, terminate your employment and for performing the related contractual or statutory obligations. Without this data, we will not be able to enter into a contract with you or to perform our obligations under such a contract.
    • It is our policy to strive to protect your data, and comply with U.S. federal, state, and other applicable local laws. This includes due diligence when working with third party partners who may process your data on behalf of CGS. 
    • You also have a critical role in protecting the security of personal data, and you should be careful to whom you disclose personal data, and how you protect your communications and devices. 

For more information see the details in the full CGS Cyber Security and Privacy notice in links above.