New System

On March 27 2023 CGS implemented a new technology that is an industry leading applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management(CRM) system that increases efficency, is more secure, and is user friendly.

The new system provides an improved employee experience, with direct access to their information, ability to update it, and is also available on their on mobile devices.

Clients will have improved  invoicing, ondemand reporting tools, and simpler timesheet tracking.


You will need to have access enabled to access the Employee Portal and Client Portal if you are authorized.

Employees can request access here or contacting CGS for help with access.

Clients can request here or contacting CGS for help with access.  You must be authorized as a contact for the business you are requesting access to.



When will CGS officially switch to new software?

March 27, 2023 at 12:01 A.M.

Will my old login information still work?

Unfortunately No, it is a new system and you will need to create a new account to access your information in the new system.  

You will need to request to have your access enabled for the online Employee Portal.

Please fill the form out here

Paper Application

Due to security risks and compliance CGS will no longer offer printed applications.   Employees will need to complete their application online at CGS's Applicant Portal here  , or by visting a local office and completing an online application on CGS kiosk at the office.   

For local locations visit our Contact Us page, here .

By using the portal we reduce the risk of employees sensitive personal information falling into the wrong hands and our employees falling victims to identity theft.

Furthermore,  CGS and Clients could be fined and found non compliant with data federal and/or state data protection, breach, and privacy laws, face fines, and can be subject to yearly audit assessments to ensure the security of sensitive personal information.  

How do I view my paystubs on the app?

Login to your Employee Portal here.

Select the Pay History tab.


If you have not requested to set up online access you will need to send an email to [email protected] and request access. 

How can I create my timecard online?

Currently CGS is not offering online or digital time entry.  We will be rolling out in phases in the near future.  

Check our News & Updates section for latest updates and progress.  

Is the app accurate?

The app is dependent on the information that is provided by you and others, so the app is accurate as long as the information supplied is. 

Where can I go to get my code to sign into the app?

Visit  Employee Portal Login  here and scroll down and fill out the form to request your account be enabled for online access. 

Can I apply to more than one job on the app?


Where do I get the code for the Mobile App?

You can send an invite to your self from the Employee Portal, under the My Information link,  "Send invite to Buzz".  

or contact CGS and we can provide you an invite code.