Insurance Services

(Our bundled solutions maximize returns while minimizing cost)

Workers Compensation Insurance

    1. Q.How much did you pay in workers compensation last year?


    1. Q. How much did you pay out in claims last year?


    1. Q. How much did your current carrier give you back?


    R. If your loss ratio was less than 50% and/or your carrier didn't give you anything back; we need to talk.

Healthcare (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, ADD, LTD)

    1. Q. Is your current carrier providing you the most competitive healthcare offerings?


    1. Q. Is your current carrier increasing your insurance coverage rates?


    R. If you're not sure, let's talk!
drawing an umbrella above a family concept for protection

Auto & Transportation

    Q. Has your team had a clean record over the last two years but your rates have increased? Let's see where we can help!
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General Liability & Excess

    Q. Do you have enough coverage? Do you have too much coverage? Is your current coverage limiting the type of bids you can respond to?


    Q. Has your organization's property, tools, and equipment changed? When was the last time you checked your rates to insure those?


    Q. What other insurance needs do you have or would like to discuss?

Just call us, if we don't have a solution, we won't waste your time!