Human Resources Services

(We provide a bundled service approach)


Our payroll solution is very flexible, and we can support up to Net 60 terms.

Q. Have you ever had a payroll tax issue?

R. Why manage this yourself, our seasoned team manages all payroll processing covering All-State (where applicable) Taxes, Federal Taxes, Garnishments, Workers Comp, and any other required or elective deductions.

Recruitment & Vetting

We can handle everything from recruiting to vetting and transitionary periods.


Q. Need to add staff rapidly for projects, seasonal scale up, or are you in an unfortunate position that you might need to temporarily reduce your staff?

R. We have solutions that can help avoid costly impacts.

Employee Handbooks & Policy

Q. Is your Employee Handbook up to date with current federal and local laws?

Q. Don't have an Employee Handbook?

R. Let CGS Global help you in bringing your outdated handbooks up to current regulations or work with you to create your organization's customized handbook.

"Eliminate the Burden and Risk – Focus on Your Core Business"


Q. Have you ever had a Wage-An-Hour dispute?

Q. Have you ever had a sexual harassment claim?

Q. Have you ever had a wrongful termination (discriminatory) claim?

R. Our bundled solutions include Mitigation and Prevention Services.


  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • 401k
  • Savings Plans
  • Savings Plans
  • Employee Discount Programs (Coming Q2 2022)
  • Medical, Dental, Health, Vision

Unemployment & Re-employment

As mentioned in Staffing, if you are facing a reduction in workforce, please contact us. We can provide solutions to minimize the impact whether short term or indefinitely

Q. Do you like dealing with unemployment claims?

R. Dealing with unemployment fraud can be time consuming and cost an enormous amount of money. Working with CGS Global eliminates This administrative burden and risk from your team.